Happy Holly-Days!

Ok, we fibbed and flubbed in our previous post from 2010.  We now have a newborn daughter.  Her name is Clara.  She IS the center of our universe and we will surely post about her every chance we get.  :-). Oh, check out this Santa Clause!  I think he might be the real deal.  He knew all of the reindeer games and names.  He also knew what I wanted for Christmas this year.  Sleep.


    ♥Welcome To Our Blog!♥

    This is our Web Log, or as it is sometimes called, a "blog." A caveat to all that view this: We don't have any cute kids or off the wall pets, so what we post is bound to be extremely boring. To compensate, occasionally we will try to pass off a completely fabricated story or photo as genuine. So BEWARE! You may never know which of our adventures are real. For example: Here's a pic of a trip we took last weekend:

    You may be tempted to think we were part of a lunar exploration expedition. However, this photo is clearly fake. To believe this picture, you would have to assume we are buried to upper gullet level in lunar soil. But everyone knows that this part of the moon is solid bedrock under only a few inches of topsoil, so it would be far too difficult and time consuming to bury ourselves here.