How am I still awake?

I haven't slept for nearly 39 hours.  I went on a four mile jog/run yesterday!  How am I still sitting here typing on my laptop?  W.T.F.  I've transcended.  Oh, man.  I still have my sense of humor, too!  Please, Dear Lord, don't let this be a manic episode.  Please, please, I find comfort and rest in you.  Please save me from this one.



I really have no words, today.  My heart aches in ways that I could have never imagined.  
I painted this late, last night.  
A strong voice echoed in my mind as I painted,
"You're gonna get through this, Shanae."  
I needed to hear that.

Yes, yes, I will get through this.  
I am going to get through this.
I don't want to die.  
I want to live.
If for nothing else, to dance in the rain.

"A downpour of unending grace
Consuming all my reckless ways,
My sins submerged
Your love has saved my soul
Your love is like a storm."